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Αll of Santorini’s beaches are unique and gorgeous, but Vlychada wears the crown. This overwhelming lunar landscape, forged by the volcanic eruption, the wind and the sea, will enchant you!

Located on the southern side of Santorini, 13 kilometers from Fira, the marina of Vlychada is the starting point for some of our tours. The beauty of Vlychada unfolds before your eyes from the very first moment we start our cruise! Instantly you will be mesmerized by the high steep cliffs that separate the beach from the rest of the island.

Gazing at the pale cliffs and the dark volcanic sand while sailing, is a feast for your eyes. Those carved cliffs create natural sculptures that resemble the surface of the moon, that is why Vlychada is also known as the moon beach.

The atmospheric beauty of Vlychada never ceases to amaze you!