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Amazing Tour

Hot Springs

A stop at the Hot Springs for a swim while we take you sailing along the breathtaking Santorini’s Caldera is an experience not to be missed! Put your swimsuit on and get ready to dive in the warm water!

In the center of the Caldera there are two islands of volcanic origin, Nea Kameni, also known as Santorini’s Volcano, and Palea Kameni. These tiny islands are surrounded by the Hot Springs, where you can indulge yourself with a mud bath. The warm water is rich in sulfur, iron and manganese, known for their therapeutic effects.

The water may seem a bit brownish, but that’s natural due to its ingredients. So just relax, swim, enjoy the landscape and let the healing waters treat you.

After we anchor, you can enjoy a hike to the top of the volcano! The view from up there is panoramic, but keep in mind that the volcano is still active!