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Cancellation policy

Cancellation by customers

For all cancellations or changes, we require email notification at

Cancellations that will be placed earlier than 48hours are eligible for a full refund of the down/full payment.

Any changes that will be placed earlier than 48 hours prior departure, are subject to availability.

If there is no availability for the new date or tour then a full refund is applied. For cancellations or changes within 48 hours, prior departure full cancellation fees will apply.



Cancellation by Explorer1

Explorer1 has the ability to cancel the tour:
1. Due to heavy rain, extreme winds, detention by the port authorities.
2. In case of crew sickness.
3. In case of engine or any other material damage, or for any other reason in order to ensure the safety of every passenger.

For any cancellation on the part of Explorer1, a full refund of the down payment will be issued.
Optionally, we can defer the cruise to another date, if the boat is available, or we can organize a similar cruise (from our partners) with a boat of the same size or bigger, but never smaller.



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