Welcome to Santorini!
Sailing in the heart of the Caldera is a one of a kind experience that only a few people can truly savor. We will create the perfect itinerary that suits your desires.
Let us introduce to you this amazing destination, so you can indulge the authentic side of the island!
A range of selected cruises are available for you to discover the uniqueness of Santorini!
High quality and exclusive services will make you feel comfortable and relaxed!
We also offer personalized cruises around the beautiful island of Santorini, the Volcano and the famous Caldera.
Embark on one of our high performance vessels and just enjoy the spectacular sunset of Santorini!

Day cruises

Sunset cruises

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Our fleet consists of the main vessel categories, in order to meet all your preferences. So we offer catamarans, motor yachts and speed boats. You just need to choose the Vessel that suits your needs for an unforgettable and unique experience on board.


Motor yachts

Speed boats


Whether you are interested in a short getaway while on Santorini or you are planning a sailing holiday, we have designed itineraries with attention to detail in every part of the process.
Many destinations around Santorini are reachable only by boat, such as the Red & White Beach and the Volcanic islands. We can pride ourselves on exceeding your expectations while listening very carefully to your needs and your detailed requests.

Ammoudi Port


Red Beach

Hot Springs


Indian Rock Mountain

White Beach

Thirassia Island

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